Things Every Bride Will Miss Doing with Her Dad After Getting Married

A girl remains her dad’s princess no matter how old she gets! She is the apple and coolness of her father’s eye. Her dad is needed at each and every point of life!

Marriage is the turning point of life. Where a girl leaves her dad and the rest of the family behind and embarks on a completely new journey. During the wedding photoshoot, the girl longs for her dad to be beside her. This thirst does not get quenched for years to come!

There is a whole list of things every bride misses doing with her dad after getting married! Let’s hop along and see for yourself.

1. Her dad was her bank account

No matter how old a girl gets and starts earning. Her father won’t let her buy a single thing with her own money. His wallet is hers! This is an unspoken rule! She would surely miss this luxury later on.

2. He showed her how to pose during the wedding

Her dad came with quirky ideas to pose during the bride and groom photoshoot. He used to be her unofficial photographer throughout her life. On her wedding day, he was there to fix her dress, hair, and makeup. He made sure that each and everything was ‘picture perfect’ on one of the biggest days of her life.

3. He was her official nurse

Whenever a daughter falls ill, her father takes proper care of her. Gives her medicine on time. Brings in all her favorite comfort food whenever she used to feel low and sad. He would sit beside her bed and prayed for her keenly until she would bounce back to her feet. After the wedding, she misses her dad a lot whenever she gets sick, as she craves care and attention.

4. Her dad was her best advisor

One of the things that a girl misses after getting married is the spot on advise her father used to give her, as soon as she felt herself to be at a standstill! She could trust her dad’s instincts with closed eyes as he won’t want anything bad to happen to her baby girl.

5. Her dad was her fashion critic

Whenever she got a new dress, she modeled in front of her dad to get the most coveted remarks. Meanwhile, her heart used to beat frivolously for a Yay or Nay! Her dad was her perfect fashion critic. He was beside her when she was choosing her wedding dress. They used to discuss it up to the intricate detail- keeping in mind the wedding photoshoot. Where her dad wanted her to look the best. She misses the whole scenario later on whenever she goes shopping. 

6. Saving her from her mom's wrath

She will miss the way her father saved her ass whenever she used to do some mischief. At times the father-daughter duo would team up against her mom and tease her. They would laugh over it later on.

7. Spontaneous plans-No more!!

Before marriage, she would come up with a plan with her dad, at any time of the day without thinking twice. But, as she has got married now she would miss all those midnight strolls beside the sea or hitting the cafe’ just to taste that new cheesecake. All those impromptu plans would now need planning and scheduling.

8. Instant up lifter

No matter how the whole world had been there to pull her down, her father was always there to lift her up. He was always proud of her no matter what she did.

From the first step she took to the first prize she won at school to the first job she got. He was always boasting about his daughter’s victories and achievements.  This thing she misses after getting married as well. During the bride and groom photoshoot, he kept on praising the couple, making her feel the most beautiful inside out.

9.The best listener out there

He was always all ears to her non-stop blabbers, bickers, and cries. He would give her, his due time and attention. If she needed a shoulder, she didn’t have to utter a single word as he knew already.  He would listen to everything silently and would give her the perfect advice!

10.Her face reader

A single glance and he would know what her daughter was feeling. If she would be down, he would not sit for a second unless he fixed it up! This is a privilege she would miss terribly after getting married and long for later on!