5 Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot

If you are here, then our heartiest congratulations are your way.

Happy Engagement!!

If you have not already decided on it, then an engagement photoshoot is something that you must opt for right away. 

Getting a professional photoshoot for engagement is a must-have but most couples do not give much of a thought to it.

Here are 5 reasons why you shall have a couple engagement shoot. 

1. Give engagement its due importance

Even though, both events have their own importance. Still, the engagement ceremony gets overshadowed by the wedding ceremony. 

The period that extends from engagement to the wedding has a certain ‘Magical feel’ to it! By getting an engagement photoshoot you are going to encapsulate the enchanting moments forever!

The engagement period is a transition time for you as a couple from one who was dating all along to being married.

Create as many memories as you can of this amazing, carefree and beautiful period. Make it timeless by preserving it in the form of photos!

2. Shrug off being 'Camera Shy'!

The couple engagement shoot (2) is a MUST!! If both or even one of you is camera shy, then getting an engagement photoshoot will make you comfortable in front of the camera lens during the wedding photoshoot.

This photography session will work as an ‘anxiety and stress buster’ as you will be in front of the camera the whole day, you will ease into the drill in no time.

You will see a distinct difference in yourself during your wedding photoshoot. Posing for the wedding photos will be a breeze. You will be surprised to see a sudden boost of confidence in yourself. 

3. Helps in knowing your photographer

Couple engagement shoot will help in knowing your photographer and his team before your big day. You will get comfortable in your skin and synch well with the photography team. This way you will be just left with wedding blues instead of ‘getting photographed blues’

As you get photographed for your engagement event, you will warm up to your photographer. So, next time when you both will meet for the wedding photoshoot you both won’t need an icebreaker or a series of them. You will already be on good terms by then.

It will not only make you friends with your photographer but at the same time will help you ease into your relationship with your fiancé further. You will get to know their likes, dislikes, and what they love and loathe. This all would be done at picturesque views and serene background.

4. You can capture your love story

As we mentioned above, the magical moments will be captured with an engagement photoshoot. In the same way, the blooming love, butterflies in the tummy, smiling eyes, and dancing feet will be seized as well.

At this point in time, you are the MOST in love but as the time passes and you feel the love diminishing after getting married as you come into the daily grind. Just as you feel low in love, you can get an instant ‘Love recharge’ by going through your engagement photos.

5. Get an idea of what your photographs will look like beforehand

While you research earnestly for the, wedding dress, wedding ring, guest list, wedding photography packages, lunch menu, etc. you never know how will you be photographed at the end of the day.

But by investing in engagement photography packages, you will get to know your best angles, where to suck in your tummy, which foot to place forward and where to smile brightly.

You can get this load off your shoulders by getting a couple engagement shoot.

You will get the exact idea that how will you look like and what kind of images you prefer to be taken during your wedding ceremony.

You may even come with new themes and poses to rock your wedding day!

Doesn’t it bring a sigh of relief?

You can also use the best engagement photo in the wedding invite. This will add a personalized and awesome touch to your wedding card. You can also grace your social media profile picture with it. You would be having a perfect couple photo that is not a selfie or a blurry vision taken by you, yourself or a random stranger.

Go through our engagement photography section as well as the engagement photography packages.

Contact us and you won’t regret your choice.

Rest assured!